everPresent: How the Gospel Relocates Us in the Present


everPresent: How the Gospel Relocates Us in the Present


by Jeremy Writebol

For many, the call of the Great Commission to “to go and make disciples” conjures up images of tireless, ceaseless activity. Evangelism programs can be robotic; sharing the gospel with strangers on the street can be terrifying; mission trips overseas can be expensive. In our efforts to go and make, we often forget that the very places we already inhabit are places that we have been sent with the good news of Jesus.

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Many Christians hear the missional call, but there is still a mystique around practice. When missional practice is shaped by the Bible story, we begin to see every aspect of the world through the gospel lens, and our missional imagination flourishes. In everPresent, Jeremy Writebol models this approach. By retelling the bible story through the theme of place and presence, we can see the places we live through the gospel. We will see opportunities for sharing the gospel, and how the gospel makes sense of every aspect of ordinary life.

Dr. Jonny Woodrow, Associate Director, The Porterbrook Network;

Pastor, The Crowded House

everPresent does something that most books don’t achieve in today’s theological landscape. Most focus either on who God is or what we should do. Jeremy’s efforts start with who God is to walk the reader down the path of what God has done, who we are because of God, and then, logically and succinctly, points us to naturally understand what we are to do because of this. I highly recommend picking this book up to better understand both the why and how of the life of those that follow Jesus.

Seth McBee, Executive Team Member, GCM Collective

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