Two Resources You Don't Want to Miss

One of the most endearing images in my mind from John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is the picture of the Christian life in community. At every point along the journey to the Celestial City, the protagonist Christian finds himself in the company of others assisting him along his way.

As often as I like to think that discipleship is just me and Jesus walking along the way, the reality is that the spiritual life is not a solo endeavor. I always need help. We all do.

I’ve often thought of the people and resources here at GCD as a company of travelers helping me along the way in my own progress, and I hope that you’ve come to see us in that same light. We aren’t replacements for the community of the local church, nor are we a higher spiritual authority to direct you than the scriptures and the local church body you gather with.

However, we can be a supplement to those efforts, and even a support to the church in those capacities.

Along those lines, here are two new resources to help you “make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.”


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One of GCD’s flagship resources is Jonathan K. Dodson’s and Brad Watson’s Called Together, a guide to forming missional communities. Originally released in 2014, Called Together has been an essential resource for believers who are forming gospel-centered missional communities.

Today, we’re excited to re-release this publication in an updated format, improving on the quality and usability of this resource. 

In Called Together, Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson help us discover what it means to be a people made for community and mission. Through reflection on the foundational concepts of the gospel, community, and mission, this book will help you form healthy missional communities within your local context. Filled with practical guidance for leaders and everyday people, it will guide you into a deeper and more deliberate experience of being the church together.

I’ve used this resource in several contexts to form the DNA of missional communities, as well as to equip new and developing leaders.

You can pick a copy of the ebook from our book store or buy the paperback on Amazon. We also offer bulk discounts on the paperback for more than twenty copies. (Email me for information on bulk discounts.)


The second resource we’re excited to announce is another season of writers’ coaching. Not only do we want to publish exceptional content for discipleship, but we want to cultivate exceptional writers.

This second season of the GCD Writers’ Mentoring Cohort features six months of coaching with some incredible guests in a small-group cohort environment. Whether you’re a pastor, blogger, creative writer, or just someone who wants to better at communicating, this cohort is open to you. 

Each month features a live ninety-minute coaching session, interaction with other writers, one-on-one development calls and emails, access to GCD editors, and publication opportunities. If you’re looking to level-up and join with a community of writers, we’d love to have you join us. 

Visit Tailored Coach to apply or get more information on the cohort starting August 22nd and to apply.

Jeremy Writebol is the lead campus pastor of Woodside Bible Church in Plymouth, MI and the Executive Director of Gospel-Centered Discipleship. He is the author of everPresent: How the Gospel Relocates Us in The Present and a contributing author to several other publications. He writes personally at