Introducing Rally Cry: A New Weekly Column

Hello dear readers! It’s my privilege to welcome you to Rally Cry, my weekly column hosted by GCD. I’m grateful to be part of the GCD team and for their investment in my writing. I’ll be posting here each Thursday. Here’s a little about me and the vision for Rally Cry.

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina and am married to a man that captured my heart on our second date. That date was at a fair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he held out two closed fists and asked me to pick hugs or kisses. Intrigued, I tapped one of his fists, which he opened to reveal a Hershey’s kiss. While the sly, future Mr. Britton was likely trying to get fresh with me, he quickly learned that I’m easily distracted by chocolate. We eventually said, “I do,” and 20 years later, we’re still going strong (and I’m still distracted by chocolate!). I give glory to God for the great grace of marriage.

We’re raising four boys who were once little, but are inexplicably becoming taller than me and have suspiciously deepening voices. Being their mom is one of my sweetest joys. I love those guys fiercely. In 2018, we were about to finalize the adoption of our Ugandan daughter, Gracious, when she unexpectedly passed away. Being her mom is one of my sweetest sorrows. The Lord has both given to us and taken from us, and we delight to bless his beautiful name.

Team Britton cheers for all things LSU, but we also have clear loyalties to the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals. Our fandom springs from our geography: we’ve lived in Baton Rouge, Slidell (on the north shore of New Orleans), Kansas City, and for the past five years, Raleigh, where we are covenant members of Imago Dei Church.

We love Christ’s church and have a special affection for our local gathering. My church has both equipped me to serve and created spaces for my gifts to flourish. God has shaped me under the ministry of his word, fueling me with a passion to see his kingdom advance for the sake of his glory. It’s alongside these fellow kingdom laborers that I toil with the energy God powerfully works within me to make disciples of all nations.

I’m a newer writer who’s been shown much grace from better writers investing in me, and by gracious editors taking a chance on an unknown quantity. Perhaps I’ll share that story with you one day. I’ve written for many sites and blogged a little, but the majority of my writing these days isn’t public. I write Bible study curriculum for Docent Research Group, and I love what I do.

I’ve traveled to East Africa several times to visit with orphans and widows. These visits came through working with the orphan advocacy ministry, 127 Worldwide, and with the church planting network, Acts 29, where I help coordinate pastor training conferences. I also work for my local church as the coordinator for discipleship classes and serve on the women’s ministry leadership council.

I’m passionate about discipleship—both talking about it and, you know, doing it. I’ve benefited from many older women making me a better disciple of Jesus Christ, and I hope the women I’ve discipled over the last few decades can say the same of me.

I have a high view of my king, and this view incites my passion for discipleship. This column exists to encourage you, dear reader, to be a faithful disciple as well as a disciple-maker. My aim for this column is to proclaim the greatness of God, to inspire you to become a beholder of his greatness and to be transformed by it.

I chose the title Rally Cry because followers of Christ have so much to inspire us and to call our thoughts upward. A “rallying cry” is a word, phrase, event, or belief which encourages people to unite and act in support of a cause.

The movie version of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe presents a great example of a rally cry. As Peter leads the citizens of Narnia to battle the White Witch, he raises his sword and shouts, “For Narnia and for Aslan!” His army triumphantly yells and then fearlessly charges into battle. Inspired by these words that reminded them of their king, they courageously fought against their great foe.

Rally cries unite and inspire us to act. My goal is to inspire you weekly by exploring the words, phrases, events, and beliefs that will give you the courage to unite and to act in support of the worthy cause of the kingdom of Christ. I’ll aim each week to show you Christ and inspire you to courageously follow him.

Let’s meet here on Thursdays and make much of our king and his word. Let’s shout our rally cries into the world as we join our savior in advancing his kingdom!

Christy Britton is a wife and mom to four boys. She writes Bible study curriculum for Docent Research Group and serves as the Discipleship Classes Coordinator for Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, N.C. She is an orphan advocate with 127 Worldwide and contributes administratively to bring pastor training opportunities to Africa for Acts 29. You can follow her on Twitter.