The Last Days of King Jesus: A Guide for Holy Week

Between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, the drama of redemption comes to a climax. Jesus, the supposed King of the Jews, is arrested, unjustly convicted, tortured, mocked, and brutally murdered. As we read through Jesus' last days, we see that he endured these things for us. He was accused for us. He was abandoned for us. He was condemned for us. He was betrayed for us.  For centuries, Christians have meditated through Holy Week on the suffering and passion of Jesus, generating a sense of wonder at both the person who suffered and the meaning of his suffering.

Purchase a copy of A Guide for Holy Week: The Last Days of King Jesus, and join us this Holy Week as we reflect on Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. This collection of essays, Scripture meditations, and songs will serve you during Holy Week as you seek to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

A Guide for Holy Week: The Last Days of King Jesus is available in paperback and Kindle editions.


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About Raised?:

Did Jesus really beat death? That’s what Christians for hundreds of years have believed, that Jesus Christ returned to life after death and burial in a stone tomb. To the modern mind, “resurrection” is utterly implausible, but it was also doubtful to many first-century Greeks, Jews, and even some Christians. With such an incredible assertion at the heart of the Christian faith, it’s no wonder that some people struggle to believe.

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