New Book Release | That Word Above All Earthly Powers

Today we release our newest book, That Word Above All Earthly Powers. Pick up the paperback or Kindle edition at

The Protestant Reformation means many things to many people. More than just a movement of people away from an ecclesiological structure filled with abuses, the Reformation was a movement back to the truth of God contained in the Scriptures.


Underneath this movement was the question where does the authority for life and salvation rest? In answer to that question, the Reformers declared Sola Scriptura, or Scripture alone possesses the authority to command our lives and declare where salvation is found.

Scripture has the final word to determine how we should live—not the Roman Catholic Church.

Scripture alone possesses the truth of how we are rescued from our sin and rebellion against God. For the Christian, the Scripture is the highest authority over and against any church tradition or structure.


As we look back 500 years, we give thanks to God for his grace to inspire and embolden men and women to work for the reform and purity of the gospel for the good of the world.

And, yet, we must also give thanks for the Scriptures themselves. As God's revealed, pure, and complete Word for us containing all we need for salvation and life, we must humble ourselves to its authority. The Reformation reminds us of the emboldened passion to lift high Christ above all and to bring to the center God's Word for the shaping of our lives.

This collection of reflections written by the GCD Staff Team and noted writers and theologians like Dr. Gerry Breshears, Micah Fries, and Jonathan Dodson is our effort to spur you on to listen to the voice of God through his Word and humbly receive his grace for all of life.

Our prayer is that this book will bolster your confidence in the authority of God's Word, and encourage you to see his grace for all of life.

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