The Gospel of Matthew Reading Plan


We’ve launched a series on The Gospel of Matthew for the month of August. Brad Watson, our executive director, encouraged our readers to read a chapter a day in the Gospel of Matthew. To help jumpstart your reading, we want to share our reading plan (below) and this helpful resource from the folks at The Bible Project (@JoinBibleProj):

  • Mon, August 3rd—Mathew 1
  • Tues, August 4th—Mathew 2
  • Wed, August 5th—Matthew 3
  • Thurs, August 6th—Matthew 4
  • Fri, August 7th—Matthew 5
  • Sat, August 8th—Matthew 6
  • Sun, August 9th—Matthew 7
  • Mon, August 10th—Matthew 8
  • Tues, August 11th—Matthew 9
  • Wed, August 12th—Matthew 10
  • Thurs, August 13th—Matthew 11
  • Fri, August 14th—Matthew 12
  • Sat, August 15th—Matthew 13
  • Sun, August 16th—Matthew 14
  • Mon, August 17th—Matthew 15
  • Tues, August 18th—Matthew 16
  • Wed, August 19th—Matthew 17
  • Thurs, August 20th—Matthew 18
  • Fri, August 21st—Matthew 19
  • Sat, August 22nd—Matthew 20
  • Sun, August 23rd—Matthew 21
  • Mon, August 24th—Matthew 22
  • Tues, August 25th—Matthew 23
  • Wed, August 26th—Matthew 24
  • Thurs, August 27th—Matthew 25
  • Fri, August 28th—Matthew 26
  • Sat, August 29th—Matthew 27
  • Sun, August 30th—Matthew 28

As Brad encouraged:

Read the Gospel of Matthew. One of the reasons Jesus’ life ends up feeling like a random collection of anecdotes and one liners is we rarely read through it all together. We may have done so in our early days of faith but have since neglected it. We invite you to spend August reading the Gospel of Matthew. Read a chapter a day. As you read, contemplate the passage. Here are some helpful questions:

  • What is Jesus saying or doing?
  • What does that say about his character?
  • How are people reacting to him? How does that expose your reaction to Jesus? How would your friend who doesn’t believe in Jesus respond to this?
  • How is Jesus proving to be the true humanity? The true Prophet? The true Priest? The true King?
  • What is most challenging about Jesus?

Pray the Gospel of Mathew. Practice Lectio Divina, Read, Reflect, Respond, and Rest.

Mathew B. Sims is the Editor-in-Chief at and has authored, edited, and contributed to several books including A Household GospelWe Believe: Creeds, Confessions, & Catechisms for WorshipA Guide for AdventMake, Mature, Multiply, and A Guide for Holy Week. Mathew, LeAnn (his wife), and his daughters Claire, Maddy, and Adele live in Taylors, SC at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains with their Airdale Terrier. They attend Downtown Presbyterian Church (PCA). Visit