Top Articles of November

  Here are our most-read articles of November:

1. 5 Things Mistaken for Evangelism - Mark Dever

Here is a helpful clarification on what evangelism is and is not.

2. 9 Myths of Discipleship - Zach Lee

We all have reasons why we don't disciple others.

3. 5 Ways to Grace Your Workplace - Nick Abraham

Tips from a Fortune 500 employee on how to live the gospel in your workplace.

4. The Idol of Hospitality - Danielle Brooks

It's a great gift to your friends to serve them well, but not at the expense of the gospel.

5. When a Comma Puts Us in a Coma - Robby Gallaty

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact in our efforts to disciple.


Brandon Smith (@BrandonSmith85) is Director of GCD, Associate Editor at The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, and Director of Communications at Criswell College. He is proud to be Christa’s husband and Harper Grace’s daddy.