Top Articles of October


1. I Hate My Church - Seth McBee

If you feel like you have to leave your church, here's a godly way to do it.

2. Parenting & Grocery Store Tantrums - Gino Curcuruto

All parents know what it's like to have their kids throw tantrums in public. The question is, how should we as parents respond?

3. Your Church Doesn't Need Followers - Jason Garwood

Are you making disciples of your church or of Jesus?

4. Revising the Popular Phrase "In, but Not of" - David Mathis

We've all heard this phrase, but here's a better alternative: "Not of, but sent into."

5. Entering the Harvest - Logan Gentry

This is a great primer on becoming an evangelist, including four ways in which God may have wired you to evangelize.


Brandon Smith (@BrandonSmith85) is Director of GCD, Associate Editor at The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, and Director of Communications at Criswell College. He is proud to be Christa's husband and Harper Grace's daddy.