Top 5 Articles of August


1. 7 Ways to Keep Your Missional Community from Multiplying - Seth McBee

Seth, a seasoned missional community practitioner, contends that MC's are meant to multiply. He tells us why, and offers ways to stunt the multiplication of your MC.

2. How to Tell the Better Story - Logan Gentry

Evangelism might be the most discussed, most intimidating, and least discussed practice in the American church. Logan explains how Jesus evangelized through flipping the world's norms upside down, and challenges us to follow his lead in our everyday lives.

3. Why Women Should Go Beyond Titus 2 - Luma Simms

Titus 2 is perhaps the most-used passage in relation to discipling women. There is nothing wrong with this, but Luma warns us against ignoring the rest of the Bible.

4. Singing as Spiritual Warfare - J.A. Medders

J.A. exhorts, "War isn’t quiet. No soldier mumbles on the battlefield—and especially not at the victory party. Belt the glory of Christ. And know that our Champion sings loudly over us." Singing worship songs that are rich with the gospel are a powerful weapon against Satan and his devices.

5. Food, Weight, and the Gospel - Josh Reich

Part 3 of a 3-part series, Josh talks about how the gospel changes the way we look at weight, body image, and food. Read Part 1 and Part 2 here.


Brandon Smith is Director of GCD, Associate Editor of The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, and Director of Communications at Criswell College. He lives in Grapevine, Texas with his wife, Christa, and daughter, Harper. Follow him on Twitter: @BrandonSmith85.