New Director of Gospel-Centered Discipleship & Merger with Project TGM

  Dear Friends,

A lot of change comes with the start of new organizations. Once the vision is set, the strategy is refined, funding may rise and fall, and staff comes and goes. As enters its third year, we say goodbye to an outstanding person and great director—Brad Watson. Brad loves the church, which why he is a pastor. Brad also loves the gospel, which together with his administrative skill, made him a strong director. His commitment to integrating the gospel with life, to generate discipling wisdom, is a strength we will miss but a value that will remain.

I am very excited to introduce the new Director of GCD, Brandon Smith. Brandon is passionate about editing, writing, and publishing gospel-centered content. In fact, as former Editor-in-Chief for Project TGM (Theology, Gospel, Mission), he’s bringing a whole ministry into his new role. As we discussed the prospect of working together, it quickly became clear that a gospel partnership was in the works. Today, I’m also excited to announce the merger of into We believe the Spirit has led us into a ministry that will deepen and further our ministry of making resources that help make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.

As a freelance writer, Brandon’s work has appeared in newspaper, radio, and popular online resources such as The Gospel Coalition, Baptist Press, and Church Leaders. He is also the Associate Editor for The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood and Director of Communications at Criswell College. Brandon holds a degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University and is completing an M.A. in Systematic/Historical Theology at Criswell. He resides in Grapevine, Texas where he and his wife, Christa, are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their little girl, Harper Grace.

Here are a few words from Brandon:

"When we started Project TGM almost exactly one year ago, Gospel-Centered Discipleship was one of the few content-related ministries that we looked at and said, “They are doing it right.” I had hoped that Project TGM – like GCD – would be a place where people could find practical, gospel-driven content that they could apply to their lives and take into their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and beyond. God blessed us tremendously and we were humbled by what he did through our writers. As Jonathan, Brad Watson, and I began to discuss what it might look like for these two ministries to merge, there were a few obvious “wins” for us.

First, we felt as though the two ministries had enough in common that a merge would be natural for both the audiences of each website, and the contributors and staff. I was already working as a writer/contributing editor for GCD, and some of the Project TGM contributors were also writing for GCD. We had one common goal: to see God use our articles to impact people’s lives for the gospel’s sake. Why not combine these two incredibly gifted teams and maximize our impact for the gospel?

Second, we believed that the two ministries were also unique and had serious potential to complement each other. Project TGM focused on medium-length articles and blog-like content; GCD focused on longer-form articles and eBooks. Both ministries have been big fans of what the other was doing, so why not combine the two and join hands on the same mission?

After much prayer and conversation, we felt like Project TGM and GCD would ultimately advance God’s mission much more effectively together than as separate entities. As I begin serving as GCD’s Director, I am excited and humbled at the task before me. The vision for GCD has been and will continue to be simple: to promote discipleship resources that help make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus. This should be the heartbeat of every Christian, and we aim to continue to help equip the Church by publishing material that is practitioner-tested, gospel-centered, community-shaped, and mission-focused."

The future looks bright and exciting for GCD. In the next few months, we will publish an eBook by Alvin Reid that looks at both the history of gospel movements and our role in the seeing the gospel advance today. Also, be on the lookout for Jeremy Writebol's eBook on being present in the mission. Writebol looks at the most basic but often forgotten piece of being on mission: being present spiritually, emotionally, and physically right where you are. In the coming months, we will also be rolling out a rebranding and redesign for As we move forward, we pray that all of these resources and changes not only mature disciples in the gospel, but also equip disciples to make and multiply disciples. Join us in praying for God to continue his work through us.

In Christ, Jonathan Dodson

Founder, GCD Lead Pastor, City Life Church


Jonathan K. Dodson (MDiv; ThM) serves as a pastor of City Life Church in Austin, Texas. He is the author of Gospel-Centered Discipleship and Unbelievable Gospel. He has discipled men and women abroad and at home for almost two decades, taking great delight in communicating the gospel and seeing Christ formed in others.