Top 5 Articles of June

1. Our Hunger for Community by Brad Watson

Broken families, broken relationships, and an epidemic of loneliness has created a ravenous hunger for community in this generation. But our flesh can seek our idea of community more than we seek Jesus. Our souls, it seems, are ready to settle for a sit-com style of friendship instead of striving for the spirit-led family of God purchased and created by his son’s death and resurrection. What is gospel-centered community and what isn't it? Brad Watson offers several characteristics of both.

2. The Tension of Marriage and Mission by Jake Chambers

The reality of the gospel is the backdrop and foundation that should shape our marriages, families, and the church. Jake Chambers addresses the tension of missional living and the health of our marriages and families. He urges us to not to seek balance between family and mission, but to lead our families out of balance through loving God, loving our families, and loving others!

3. Fire From the Gods: Why Control Doesn't Solve Worry by Jonathan Dodson

Jonathan looks at the ancient Greek tale of Prometheus for insights into what happens when we demand control of our lives and the worry it doesn't cure. In this current age we are blinded by ambition, unaware of our mortality, we proceed under the illusion of control, under the spell of human progress, unaware that we are human because we can act like gods. Jonathan explains what happens when we seek the kingdom of God instead of our own kingdom.

4. Good News for Single Men by Abe Meysenburg

Single men face many unique challenges and opportunities. They are regularly pressured to be married, constantly set up on blind dates, and are left feeling less than a man without a spouse. As a shepherd and elder who cares deeply for the hearts of people, Abe Meysenburg speaks directly to  single men about their calling, temptations, and manhood.

5. Six Lessons from Everyday Discipleship by Josh McPherson

Josh McPherson offers six crucial and powerful lessons everyone must learn while leading a gospel community on mission. He speaks from the perspective of a gifted preacher stepping into the discipleship process that is everyday community. Josh challenges our hearts, character, and beliefs.