Top 5 Articles in May

What is the Gospel? by Shawn Kennedy

When you think about words that are used, abused and highly misunderstood in our culture today, one word in particular rises to the top. It is the word love. We use the word love in our culture to describe our thoughts and feelings for just about anything and everything. what has happened in our culture when it comes to the word love has also happened in our local churches and in the larger landscape of Christianity when it comes to the word gospel. We use the word gospel, at times, freely and careless, rarely asking and answering the question, “what is the gospel?” Shawn Kennedy asks this question in this article.

The Burden of Shepherding by Abe Meysenburg

How to you handle the burden of shepherding people? How do you avoid making people’s problems your own? Where do you find the strength to continue caring for them, even when it’s extremely difficult? Abe Meysenburg explores the false beliefs and healthy patterns of caring for people.

Not Only Spirit Filled, But Spirit Controlled by Matt Brown

It is not our arguments or our tight-doctrine that make us persuasive to people, it is the graciousness, love, and joy that only comes from a Christ-filled and Spirit-controlled life. If we walk in step with the Spirit and exhibit these characteristics to a world thirsty for grace, who wouldn’t want to be around us? Matt Brown describes the spirit controlled life in regards to evangelism.

Be A Storyteller by Brad Watson

Stories are where we look for meaning, instruction, and community. All other stories are a mere shadow of the gospel. Brad Watson explains why we must become gospel storytellers.

Praying for Bad Things to Happen to Bad People by Jeremy Writebol

When was the last time you were mad at someone? I mean really mad? Mad enough to pray that God would do something terrible to them? Jeremy Writebol describes a gospel-centered view of praying the imprecatory psalms.