Top 10 Articles of 2012

It has been a great year at Gospel Centered Discipleship! As we look back at all that God has done and the way he has used us in making disciples, we wanted to share some of those highlights. Here is a look back at GCD's top 10 articles of 2012:

1.  Raising Gospel Centered Children by Luma Simms

When Jesus instructs us to go out and make disciples of all nations, that includes our children—our closest disciples. Of course, discipleship should not end in the home, but our families are our most naturally-authentic relationships. Everyday, the gospel compels us to ask: How are we discipling our children?

2.  What to Say When Someone Says, "The Bible Has Errors." by Jonathan Dodson

Most people question the reliability of the Bible. You’ve probably been in a conversation with a friend or met someone in a coffee shop who said: “How can you be a Christian when the Bible has so many errors?” How should we respond? What do you say? Jonathan Dodson offers his insights into this common scenario.

3.  What to do with prayerlessness by Jonathan Dodson

Prayer. Often the word triggers guilt. For some, it sparks warmth, and for others, nothing. No warmth, no guilt. Flat. It’s a vaporous word that appears and vanishes without meaning. "Prayer, " Jonathan Dodson writes, "is about love not about lists" in this helpful article on overcoming prayerlessness.

4.  Five Ways to keep the church discipline from seeming weird by Jared Wilson

As God has built his church, his church leaders have not always kept up with what makes a church a church. So even to mention the idea of a church disciplining its members strikes tenderhearted and undereducated Christians as weird, mean, and legalistic. Jared Wilson offers five answers to this question: "how do we work at keeping church discipline from seeming weird?"

5.  Finding Christ in the Family Room by Luma Simms

Scripture does not give us an imperative for family worship. This is important to say at the outset so that we are not laying down “sanctification” markers for each other. Having said that, however, we still need to acknowledge that God’s Word does command us to teach our children how to love the Lord (Deut. 6) and train them in his discipline and instruction (Ephesians 6:4).What does it look like to place Christ at the center of family life and worship?

6.  Gospel Centered Parenting by Will Walker

Gospel centered parenting is filled with complexities, mysteries, and endless situations that call for practical advice. Parents often get so bogged down in questions of what to do that we lose sight of why we’re doing what we do and how we should do it. In this article, Will Walker helps disciples step back and look at the big picture of parenting.

7.  How Jesus Made Disciples by Winfield Bevins

Reproducing disciples is the result of selecting, training, and empowering leaders who will in turn reproduce themselves in others. This begins locally with the church and then can take place on a larger scale through reproduction of church plants regionally and internationally. You can be part of a 21st century disciple making movement that can change our postmodern world for Christ. Winfield Bevins thinks through how Jesus multiplied disciples.

8.  Be Fruitful and Multiply by Seth McBee

Historically, movements have stopped because they were primarily leader-led information dumps. Information isn’t a bad thing, but information-driven movements are limited in influence. Why should we create disciple multiplying movements? How can we create them? Seth McBee writes about the fundamental multiplying nature of discipleship and how to create space for that to happen in your context.

9.  The Neighborhood Mission Start-Up by Seth McBee

With so many folks trying to find the right methodology to reach neighborhoods, cities, and nations, Seth draws upon two core teachings of Jesus as a principle for mission: love your neighbor as yourself and the Spirit empowers us for mission to be his witnesses. Seth demonstrates how those two missional principles are applied in the everyday life of disciple making.

10.  Domain of Influence by J.R. Vassar 

Those who have been laid hold of by Jesus Christ have the same mission. Jesus gave it to us. He gave us his gospel, his Holy Spirit, and his commission to make disciple-making disciples of all peoples. We are called to take the gospel of Jesus into our neighborhoods and into the nations. However, one’s specific involvement in that mission is unique with regards to one’s role and one’s reach.


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