The 8 Best Post-Election Responses

Soon after Obama's re-election, many evangelicals had provocative and thoughtful responses. I've aggregated my eight favorite articles here (in no particular order): > Jonathan Merritt believes that "American Christians may be on the cusp of a healthier engagement in the public square."

> Albert Mohler is concerned that the 2012 election represents "a new moral landscape in America, and huge challenge to those of us who care passionately about these issues."

> Thomas Kidd charges us to focus on "the little cultural spheres we inhabit on a daily basis."

> Denny Burk contends that Christians owe President Obama "our loyal opposition."

> Russell Moore also wants Christians to remember that "honor doesn't mean blanket endorsement."

> Anthony Bradley proposes that the exit polls reveal that "for black voters, entitlement programs trump moral-social issues every time."

> Owen Strachan to young evangelicals: "God is sovereign ... But even as Jeremiah wept for Israel, so we weep for what America is becoming."

> Ed Stetzer exhorts Christians "to do better next time by not calling pollsters liars and not believing the unbelievable."