Are You a Glory Thief?

Two weeks ago, Jake Ledet of CityView Church preached a powerful message entitled "Glory Thieves" from Judges 6-8. He focused particularly on our propensity to want glory for ourselves rather than to give glory to God. The sermon is well worth a listen, but here are some provocative questions (via Paul Tripp) that Jake asked near the end:

  • Where do you attempt to control things that you do not need to control?
  • Where do you fail to listen when you should?
  • Where are you tempted to speak more than you should?
  • Where do you fail to recognize and esteem the gifts of others?
  • Where are you unwilling to examine your weaknesses and to admit your failures?
  • Where are you tempted to think of yourself as more essential than you actually are?
  • Where do you care too much about people's respect, esteem, and appreciation?
  • Where do you find it easier to confront than to receive confrontation?
  • Where are you less than thankful for the people whom God has connected you to?
  • Where are you too confident of your own strength and wisdom?