Video: Justin Taylor interviews Jonathan Dodson about his New Book

In this video Justin Taylor interviews Jonathan Dodson about his new book Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Jonathan responds to questions such as: What is discipleship? What is gospel-centered? Where have you failed in disciple-making? Justin Taylor is vice president of book publishing and an associate publisher at Crossway. He has edited and contributed to several books, including A God-Entranced Vision of All Things and blogs at "Between Two Worlds," hosted by the Gospel Coalition.

Jonathan Dodson is the lead pastor of Austin City Life church and provides directional leadership in several organizations including PlantRThe GCM CollectiveGospel Centered He recently published Gospel-Centered Discipleship with Crossway.


Questions Asked During the Interview 0:10 – What do you want GCD to accomplish?

2:31 – What does it mean to be a disciple?

5:08 – So many people are using the term “gospel-centered” that it can seem like a buzz word or a fad. Why did you choose to use this phrase in the title of your book?

7:44 – Looking back at the last ten years of discipling others, how has your disciple-making changed? Where did you drop the ball?

11:35 – How are “Fight Clubs” different from the typical accountability partner or accountability group?

14:50 – Justin Taylor: “I had a hard time putting the book down, and I hope other people not only pick it up but read it and then apply it.”

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