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In our digital, secular age, rehearsed gospel presentations seem quaint and antiquated. The church is often accused of being intolerant and bigoted. Christian belief is out; alternative beliefs are in. How should we respond? How can we communicate a believable gospel?

In The Unbelievable Gospel pastor Jonathan Dodson shows us a way forward. You will explore important reasons why Christians don’t share their faith, as well as discover constructive responses to them. You will discover rich gospel metaphors found in Scripture and learn how to apply them naturally within your own conversations. Through thoughtful reflection and honest stories, you will learn how to communicate and embody your faith in a personal, authentic, and culturally engaging way.

You just may end up with a revitalized vision of the gospel—the gospel worth spreading.

Unbelievable Gospel

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Our whole understanding of evangelism needs to change – our motivations, our methods, and even our message. The three sections of this book broadly correspond to each of these areas. Check them out.


The Author

Jonathan Dodson (@jonathan_dodson) is the founding pastor of City Life Church in Austin, Texas, which he started with his wife, Robie and a small group of people. They have three children. He is the author of Raised?: Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection and Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

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