Was Jesus Raised from the Dead?

Book cover Pursue your questions about the resurrection because, if Jesus did defeat death, it changes everything. Learn more: Read the new book Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection.

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Raised? The Film

Is it possible to cross the chasm between unbelief and faith in Christ? Watch this four-part documentary and find out.

The Raised? film takes an unflinching look at doubting the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you're a Christian, atheist, or profess a different faith, you will appreciate the film's honest portrayal of life inside and outside of faith in Jesus.

Use these videos in the four-session small group study for Raised. Find related discussion questions in the section below. (Videos by movingworks.org.)

Small Group Study

This free small group Bible study is designed for you to use with the book Raised? by Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson. Utilizing the guide with the free four-part video series, you and your group will:

  • Explore your doubts about the resurrection
  • Consider how the resurrection snaps the cycle of sin
  • Discover what it means to "step into" Jesus' resurrection
  • Plan to live life shaped by the resurrection

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Get the new song "King Rise"

"King Rise" is a musical tribute to the resurrected Christ, the king of Glory. Written by Miranda Dodson and Jonathan K. Dodson, the song reminds us of what Christ's resurrection has accomplished while also pointing forward to what he will complete in his return. It is a heart-thrilling vision of the risen Lord. You can listen to "King Rise" on www.ascendep.com.

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Raised? is a collaborative work by Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson. They are two friends who pastor in progressive, countercultural cities. They wrote this book out of love for skeptics and respect for the questions they help Christians to ask. They also write as believers who oscillate in real belief in the resurrected Christ.

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Jonathan K. Dodson is the founding pastor of City Life Church in Austin, Texas. He considers the remarkable claim that Jesus died and rose from the dead to be doubtful, essential, and pivotal for history. He holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and two degrees in theology (M.Div and Th.M.) from Gordon-Conwell Seminary.

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Brad Watson serves as a leader of Bread&Wine Communities in Portland, Oregon, where he develops and teaches leaders to form communities that love God and serve the city. He is passionate about helping people live lives that reflect their belief and hope in Jesus.

Besides the Raised? project, Jonathan and Brad also partner in ministry through GospelCenteredDiscipleship.com.


Dodson and Watson write both for those who have never believed and for those who do believe, yet who find themselves wondering, doubting, sometimes troubled by the undertones of a nagging question, sometimes staggered by a sudden conviction that the Resurrection is utterly preposterous. This book is itself an act of pastoral ministry, a winsome invitation to faith and discipleship.

John Wilson, Editor, Books & Culture, Christianity Today

This delightful little book unfolds the significance of the most important event in history for those who struggle to believe. Vibrant and engaging, relevant and faithful to Scripture, this book will equip the next generation church with the substance of a full-orbed resurrection faith.

Michael W. Goheen, Ph.D., Director of Theological Education, Scholar-in-Residence (Missional Theology), Missional Training Center—Phoenix

Provocative, illuminating, and succinct, Raised? invites doubt and provokes faith by blending historical context and pastoral insight. Even if you don't accept the resurrection as truth, you will come away with a deeper understanding of the faith of more than two billion people.

Eileen Flynn, former religion reporter for Austin American-Statesman and journalism and religion lecturer at the University of Texas

Raised? is more than just a clear, compelling and convincing case for the resurrection. Written by practitioners standing knee deep in the cynical soil of secularism, this is a gutsy proclamation of the cosmos-shaking news that God has beaten death.

Mark Sayers, Red Church, Über and author of The Road Trip That Changed The World and Facing Leviathan