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Walk With Me

Jenny McGill

What does it mean to follow Jesus? How does your faith in him transform your thoughts and actions? Written as a series of letters in a gentle, conversational tone, this book is an interactive tool designed to help those in a spiritual mentoring relationship. It summarizes four areas in following Christ: the beliefs of a Christian, living like a Christian, habits of a Christian, and exploring the Bible. Jenny McGill, a ministry leader and pastor’s wife, will encourage and bolster you in your Christian faith, addressing some difficult subjects in a down-to-earth fashion. Approachable and engaging, Walk with Me is a discipleship guide and aid to all believers, no matter how long they have walked with Jesus.


Walk with Me is a helpful introduction to the Christian faith that avoids stodgy, step-driven methods. Written in a warm, relatable style, this book covers key discipleship topics through brief letters that offer practical advice to Christian women.” – Jonathan Dodson, Lead Pastor of City Life Church, founder of Gospel-Centered, and author of several books including Here in Spirit: Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything