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Multiply Together: A Guide to Sending and Coaching Missional Communities

Brad Watson

Missional communities are sending agencies into our neighborhoods, cities, and nations. To be clear, it is not that communities grow in numbers and need to split, or that communities have a pyramid growth chart. Multiplication is a function of a gospel work and empowerment of the Spirit. Leaders and communities are sent out of existing gospel communities because the gospel is advancing and sending us into maturity. Not only that, but multiplication is communal. It is done as a community, with leaders and coaches. How do you equip leaders? How do you send them well? How do you support and coach leaders once they’ve gone?

In Multiply Together, Brad Watson offers the leaders of leaders and the overseers of communities the theological vision, practical wisdom, and stories of how to coach and support a movement of gospel-centered communities on mission. Multiply Together is a coaching a resource for those creating multiplying discipleship movements.