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Gospel Amnesia: Forgetting the Goodness of the News

Luma Simms

Luma Simms diagnoses the various ways we drift from the centrality of Christ in everyday life. She shows how assuming, forgetting, and marginalizing the gospel are symptoms of our condition and transparently guides us to the cure. This book insists that, through the glorious grace of God, gospel amnesia can become the exception rather than the rule.

What People Are Saying

“The message in Gospel Amnesia is loud and clear: Jesus loves you. This book is theologically rich and punctuated by Luma’s personal accounts of her own “gospel amnesia”—a forgetting of the gospel that many of us can relate to. In Gospel Amnesia you’ll be reminded afresh of your First Love and be awestruck again by the wonders of his love.

– Gloria Furman, Author, Glimpses of GraceTreasuring Christ When Your Hands Our Full, & Missional Motherhood

“The gospel isn’t meant to be a means for justification and then forgotten. Luma Simms has a diagnosis. Anytime we reduce the gospel and dismiss it or attempt to move away from it, we are suffering from gospel amnesia. Luma explains how this amnesia goes beyond individuals to affect relationships in local churches, missions, denominations, and even culture. Gospel Amnesia will inspire, challenge, and provoke you to see and savor Jesus Christ.”

– Trillia Newbell, Author United & Fear and Faith and ERLC, Director of Community Outreach

“With transparency and truth, Gospel Amnesia exposes our patterned proclivities to forget the power of sanctifying grace. Readers are given the privileged position of watching the author wake up to the good news over and over again. This has the wonderful effect of wooing you to join Luma in regaining gospel consciousness. Gospel Amnesia culls piercing insights from some of the best gospel authors, while also healing the wounds with explanatory words of grace. In bold honesty, Luma Simms puts the liberating power of the gospel on display. This book is for anyone who wants grace to pulse stronger in their lives.”

– Jonathan Dodson, Lead Pastor, City Church Austin, TX; Author, Gospel Centered DiscipleshipRaised?, &  Unbelievable Gospel