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Gospel Advance: Leading A Movement That Changes The World

Alvin L. Reid

The story of the history of the church tells of a glorious journey of the good news, the gospel, of Jesus Christ as it spread globally. At her best, the church has been led by gospel-centered leaders, advancing the movement of God among peoples in ever-spreading impact. From Patrick in Ireland and Columba in Iona to the Great Awakenings in more recent history and the missionary movements they birthed, much of the story of Christianity is the record of courageous believers whose lives centered on Christ alone.

At her best Christianity is a movement, being spread by passionate Christ followers who live for an audience of One, whose message is not their own, but the good news of salvation found in Christ alone.

In Gospel Advance, Alvin Reid hopes to help you to see how you can be a part of this great, gospel movement, and lead others as well.

What People Are Saying

“Gospel Advance is Alvin Reid’s challenge to the Church to recover our mission focus and advance a movement of God through the gospel. Reading this book is like sitting down across from this passionate evangelism professor and hearing from his heart. He describes the history of evangelical awakenings andprescribes a way forward for 21st century believers. May the Lord use this work to ignite your heart for the nations!”

– Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of The Gospel Project and author of Clear Winter Nights, Gospel-Centered Teaching, and Counterfeit Gospels

“This could be the next book that puts you, your disciples, or leaders over the hump of complacency into the thick of true missional living. Short, punchy, and inspiring! Buy it, read it, but most importantly, do it!”

– Jonathan Dodson, Pastor of City Life Church in Austin, Texas and author of Gospel-Centered Discipleship, The Unbelievable Gospel (Zondervan, 2014), and Raised? (Zondervan, 2014)

“This is Alvin Reid at his best: biblically faithful, mission-driven, and gospel-saturated. If you’re looking for a catalyst to get yourself and those you disciple on God’s mission, Gospel Advance is the place to start.”

– Brandon Smith, Holman Christian Standard Bible Manager, Lifeway; Board Member of Gospel-Centered Discipleship; and author co-author of Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians (Rainer, 2016)