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Myra Dempsey

  • The Joy and Sorrow of Parenting

    Forty-eight hours ago I was plagued by the thought, “I am a bad mom.” That complete sentence ran through my mind—uninvited and multiple times throughout the evening. I tried to push the thought out of my mind, but the truth…

  • The Antithesis of Anxiety

    We sold our home today. We signed the papers, handed over the keys, and completed the seven month process which felt all-consuming. Each stage seemed overwhelming—from the painting and redecorating at the beginning, to the actual packing/loading/moving/unpacking at the end…

  • Removing Fear Out of Friendship

    She sits across from me, perched on the edge of her seat, with her ankles crossed and fingers interlocked over her knee. She makes limited eye contact as she begins to describe the circumstances that brought her to this room….

  • Worship in the Waiting

    This is  hard to write. It’s hard because I feel myself immediately pulled in two directions: discuss worship itself—like how we’re all innately wired to worship and how we so frequently direct our worship to creation rather than the Creator—or…